Broadening Horizons

Travel and photography are integral in the creative process at They serve as key inspiration when developing mood boards and a clear aesthetic approach for the brand. Travel broadens horizons, opens the mind and enhances cognitive flexibility. Visually documenting the journey also helps observe the world more consciously and creatively.

From pictorially capturing supplier visits, experiencing global trends first hand to mood board later on, to meeting inspiring people in different cultures around the world, travel and photography naturally go hand in hand. The Physical space gives rise to mental space and the newness of experiences aids constant reflection and reinvention. Immersing oneself in a foreign environment enhances depth of thought and the ability to think outside the square. But the added element of looking through a lens to capture a moment makes one observe the world in an even more different, creative and analytical way.


Lost in translation - Shibuya Tokyo.

Underpinning the aesthetically cohesive range, which gives an esoteric nod to Australian culture, is the aim to make functional clothes with enduring style that become favourites and look great when well travelled.

From the outset, there has been a lot of behind-the scenes work to design and then source and build relationships with suppliers and manufacturers in Europe. That has meant a lot of travel so far, as it’s naturally easier to make headway on the business by having face-to-face meetings, to work through prototypes on site and to see the clothes in production. But not least of all, every time the Kerrin team travels, the experiences influence the range.

Cook Islands

Luxury seating in Rarotonga.

United Arab Emirates

Colour inspiration from the Middle East.

A recent Forbes article cited a study from the Academy of Management Journal that analysed over a decade’s worth of collections from the world’s top fashion brands and specifically looked for correlations between the designers’ travel experiences and the level of creativity seen in their fashion ranges. Those designers who had travelled more, seen more of the world, and experienced other cultures were found to have the most creative collections.

So the Kerrin team has set out as it means to go on, to live a life in which travel fuels creativity and inspiration, and in which photography shines a light on our recollections.

Surf Board Fin Australia

Translucent fin - Byron Bay.