The Kangaroo Pocket Sweat Manufacturer

A recent visit to our friends in the north of Portugal who make our Kangaroo Pocket Hoodies and Sweats provided the opportunity to meet with the owner Paolo, work on new developments with the team and tour the modern and impressive production facility.

Paolo’s business focuses on "cut and sew", which is an industry term used to describe garments made with knitted fabric (as opposed to standard woven fabric), where the pattern pieces or panels are cut in a cutting room and then stitched together using a sewing machine. This is distinct from "fully fashioned knitwear" which is made by knitting machines that can shape the fabric panels by adding and reducing stitches. In the case of fully fashioned knitwear, the panels are trimmed and then joined together with linking machines rather than traditional sewing machines.


Cutting jersey fabric

Paper garment patterns are used while cutting the jersey fabric

Industrial overlocking machineAn industrial overlocker is used to finish the edges of the fabric

Paolo has strong lineage in the textile industry and his energy to deliver best-in-class garments bubbles through the entire team of seamstresses and staff at his facility. 

The Kerrin team is passionate about creating exceptional products that are deeply considered, lasting, and designed to wear well. So it's a requirement to work with like-minded manufacturers who share a love for high-quality craftsmanship, innovation and responsible manufacturing.

The Kerrin Kangaroo Pocket sweats are made using 100% Egyptian cotton in a wefty 400g/m2 loop-back jersey knit construction that is also manufactured in Portugal's north. The knitted fabric is then expertly cut and sewn together by Paolo's team. The sweats are then later dyed in garment form, washed and pre-shrunk at a nearby laundry.

We had a great catchup with Paolo and his team, and we're excited about the new product developments that we are working on for release next year.


Raw Materials: The Loopback Sweatshirt Fabric

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