Kerrin is an Australian menswear label, exploring and celebrating travel, the outdoors and contemporary Australian culture.

The Australian-owned company, Kerrin Co, is based in Melbourne and is focused on creating menswear with a clear casual Australian sensibility. Kerrin embodies the Australian lifestyle and the juxtaposition that the culture presents: hard working yet laid back; irreverent yet humble; embracing tradition and modern technology all at the same time.

The brand ethos is to create exceptional products that are deeply considered, lasting, and designed to wear well. Products are designed in Australia and responsibly made in Europe from the highest-quality materials.

Kerrin gear is available to check out, try on and buy at our retail friends:

Modern Classic Shop, 126 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

Also online at kerrin.co and at transient Kerrin stores popping up every now and then.