The Loopback Sweatshirt Fabric

Jersey sweat fabric is substantial, insulating and comfortable to the core, making it a staple sportswear and casual wear fabric. The material used to make Kerrin sweats is a super weighty 400g/m2 loopback construction that is knitted in Portugal from 100% Egyptian cotton. Most sweat fabric features a plain stitch smooth outward facing side and a purl stitch loopback internal side, which is the element that makes it feel so soft and warm against the skin. The “loops” help trap air against the body, giving it the insulating effect.

An American invention of the 1920s, loopback sweat fabric was created as a response and replacement to itchy wool sports jersey tops of the time. A side note: fast-forward a few decades and wool fabric construction has benefitted from the innovations seen with sweat material, helping to make it a much more comfortable and luxurious fabric to wear as a result.

Sweat fabric came to bear its unglamorous name thanks to its sportswear origin and the loopback construction wicking sweat away from the body during exercise with the garment absorbing the excess moisture.

When constructed well, loopback sweat fabric doesn’t pill and won’t shrink after washing. The machine used to create the loopback construction is called a knitting loopwheel, which can change the tension of the knitted fabric, creating the plain vs purl stitch that’s synonymous with sweat jersey fabric.

The Kerrin rolling collection currently features a kangaroo pocket hoodie and a kangaroo pocket crew neck sweat in this premium loopback fabric with more designs made using this signature material on the horizon.


Raw materials: Corozo nut from the tagua palm

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Kerrin Kangaroo Pocket Sweat

Kangaroo Pocket Sweats.