Far Horizons

It has been a long behind-the-scenes process to get the Kerrin label from a sketch on a beer coaster at the local pub to a fully-fledged menswear brand that has been delivered to the highest level of production.

Unwavering determination, strong wherewithal and foremost a cohesive offering have been key to withstanding the high barriers to market entry for the nascent label which is already proving to be one epic adventure for the team behind the brand.

Just like the far horizon, it’s a destination never reached because the fulfilment is in the journey. It sounds very zen. Because it is. Cornerstones of the design approach are the zen-like principles of simplicity - a focus on what’s left out over what’s put in; and naturalness - showing appreciation of natural forms while remaining distinct from them.

The resulting label is a manifestation of designer Kerrin Schuppan’s vision of creating a menswear brand that draws inspiration from his love of the outdoors and natural landscapes, photography, music, and an Australian way of life.

The essentials - Holden - boat - dog

Motorcycle and sand dunes 

Motorcycle and sand dunes at sunset

Australian culture and the essence of raw luxury run deep. It’s simple pleasures that can be enjoyed most: watching the sunset with an ice cold beer in hand; salty hair after an ocean dive; taking the dirt bike for a run over outback dunes or through high country trails.

Kerrin’s childhood years were spent living in South Australia’s Adelaide hills with summer holidays involving packing up the station wagon and heading to his grandfather’s shack towards the Eyre Peninsula on the Spencer Gulf. It was back to basics - catching fish for dinner was a daily ritual for getting a good feed and for family bonding. Tinkering with the hobie cat and playing in the sand dunes with the dirt bikes were freedom exemplified. Things didn’t get tossed out. They got fixed and fixed again. And they lasted.

How the clothes feel to wear and how they make their wearer feel are equally important to the designer. Sometimes it’s tangible: a garment’s lightness, tactility or durability. Other times it’s a little harder to put a finger on - the sun-faded shorts that tell of many summers of hanging out with mates. The hope prevails that your Kerrin clothes become a treasury for pivotal memories and go with you on adventures to far horizons.


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