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The Kerrin label is in good company among the Australian brands featured in the May issue of Singapore Esquire magazine. It was a pleasure to meet with the magazine’s associate fashion editor Asri Jasman and talk shop during his whirlwind trip to Melbourne just before the whole world got locked down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The timing seemed so appropriate as we talked about how the fashion industry needs a shake-up. Little did we know that the ensuing world-wide pandemic would set the stage for a shift in value systems across so many industries, with fashion and retail taking front row. Read Asri’s article to find out more about how we’re taking things slowly and working responsibly to make clothes that wear well with you.


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Kerrin in Esquire Singapore Magazine May Print Issue

May Issue Esquire Singapore Magazine

Esquire Singapore Article featuring Kerrin

Esquire Singapore May Print Issue featuring Kerrin | Photo by Sean Fennessy