Debut Runway at VAMFF 2020

The Kerrin label will make its debut runway show at the 2020 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as the youngest brand to be invited to show at this year’s consumer-facing fashion event. Kerrin will take to the runway at 6pm on March 12 as part of Studio Edit 2 — a line-up that celebrates the re-establishment of the bespoke process and a custom approach to menswear design.

Kerrin embodies the Australian lifestyle and the juxtapositions that the culture presents: hard-working yet laid-back; irreverent yet humble; embracing tradition and modern technology all at the same time.

A matrix of influences on the brand form the starting point for pieces which come together for an overall Australian aesthetic that the designer believes will translate well both at home and overseas. Natural forms and landscape patterns influence shirt and short prints, while resort and nautical elements can be seen in the choice of colour palette and design details.

Added to that are clean, preppy vibes that overlap with gritty surf, skate and moto references to create an overall rolling collection that walks the balance of displaying modern Australia as a land of compelling contradictions.

Garments are responsibly made in Portugal, and quality, traceability and attention to detail are paramount, using best-in-class fabrics, finishes and construction to produce pieces of great care and inherent value.

Schuppan loves outdoor pursuits such as enduro motorcycling and sailing, and finds these activities along with the technical and function-specific gear that is associated with them a source of inspiration that informs his design approach for everyday gear. “For these sorts of outdoor activities, you will often combine a base layer, a mid layer and a weatherproof shell outerwear layer - this is such a versatile, light-weight and functional way of dressing,” he says.

Kerrin Hoodie

Stylist: Kim Payne | Photographer: Sean Fennessy | Model: Geron Nord

Kerrin menswearStylist: Kim Payne | Photographer: Sean Fennessy | Model: Geron Nord

Travel and photography are integral in the creative process, serving as key inspiration when developing mood boards and a clear aesthetic for the brand. Cornerstones of the design approach are the zen-like principles of simplicity — a focus on what’s left out over what’s put in; and naturalness — showing appreciation of natural forms while remaining distinct from them.

The concept of the range is a rolling collection where new products are designed and developed to work with existing pieces, creating an overall wardrobe that gets better with time. “I believe the way clothes function technically: how a material performs over time, or the tactile nature of a button and how it feels to fasten, for example, are important considerations during the design process,” Schuppan says.

“It’s equally important to think about clothing design on a visceral level in relation to the way clothes can make the wearer feel and how style is related to communicating identity.

“It’s my hope that Kerrin gear becomes part of the wearer’s story, providing a reminder of travel, adventures and pivotal life moments at each wear,” he says.

Utility and functionality anchor notions of exploration, adventure and a love of the outdoors among inspired pieces that combine to create a clean and cohesive range that conveys a relaxed Australian way of life. Weighty loopback jersey kangaroo pocket sweats layer over linen holiday shirts or t-shirts with function specific polyamide button-fly swim shorts or boardies rounding off one of the many resort-style outfits featured in the range. Referencing a by-gone Australian surf scene, corduroy bucket hats and shorts are being introduced alongside Japanese flannel overshirts and cotton nylon zip-up windbreakers in clean colours for when the hot days turn to fresh nights.

“My intention for the Kerrin label is to display a lot of what is so fundamentally part of our lifestyle manifested in a menswear range: Our natural affinity with the outdoors; our appreciation for nature; enjoying and enduring the elements; our ability to work hard and also enjoy a laugh with mates; I believe all of this can be communicated in what we wear,” Schuppan says.


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