The Flannel Shirt

In a landmark moment for the Kerrin label, we’re thrilled to now offer our first Australian-made piece, which complements our current range of Australian-designed, premium European-made garments. And this is just the beginning for more locally made gear.

While it is certainly part of our philosophy to live more slowly, and to consume and manufacture more thoughtfully, the arrival of the Kerrin flannel shirt was a long time coming due to the pandemic and resulting lockdowns - six of them - in our hometown of Melbourne.

The Kerrin long-sleeve flannel shirt slots in perfectly to the label’s aesthetic of life best lived outdoors; done in an understated and refined way. The flannel shirt has a long workwear heritage but it became a key part of Australia’s counter-culture rebellion of the 90s and was a staple item on the surf and skate scene, both for its utilitarian design and its warm and cosy hand feel. 

Garment BlocksGarment blocks at our Melbourne makers.

Kerrin Flannel Shirt A clean translation of the original flannel shirt.

Back then, the Australian “flannie” shirt came in check, check or check. While the Kerrin Australian flannie offers the same inviting embrace to the wearer, the traditional plaid makes way for two refined, solid colourways; navy and olive, with more colours to come.

It has been important to us to maintain our high standards of traceability and responsible manufacturing. Knowing where every element of a garment comes from and the many hands involved in crafting it has been key to our design process from the outset. With our Australian-made pieces, we are proud to be working with Sample Room, a Melbourne-based manufacturer that holds accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA).

The Kerrin long-sleeve flannel shirt is made using A-grade 100% cotton flannel fabric woven on narrow-width industrial looms in Japan. The buttons are made of natural corozo from Panama. And all the elements have come together in the meticulous hands of our Melbourne makers.

This is an exciting new chapter in the Kerrin journey, which reinforces our commitment to considered design that wears well, in both body and mind.


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