St Kilda, You’ve Been Swell!

As we close the chapter on our latest Kerrin Studio Pop-Up Shop along St Kilda’s famed Acland Street, we can reflect on the whirlwind of experiences and connections made during our perfectly short stint. It's been a journey filled with creativity, community, and an abundance of vibrancy.

With meticulous attention to detail and a touch of magic, we transformed our Acland Street space into a sanctuary of surf luxe clubhouse vibes and zen dojo charm. It wasn’t merely a store; the aim was to create an immersive experience — a space to delve into the essence of the Kerrin brand, connect with the designer firsthand, and witness design and craftsmanship in action.

A hearty shoutout to all the St Kilda locals who graced our Studio Shop with their presence, taking the time to delve into our brand story and become part of our journey. We cherish the many delightful conversations we’ve shared and the cheery support shown by the residents and local traders of St Kilda.

As we raise a glass to St Kilda, we do so with a profound sense of fulfilment and achievement. Our pop-up strategy transcends mere commerce; it’s about crafting moments, fostering connections, and leaving lasting positive impressions. Just like catching your favourite band playing an intimate gig in your neighbourhood, we strive for each Kerrin pop-up to be an event — an experience worth making the effort for and worth remembering.

In the broader canvas of our business journey, pop-up shops serve as crucial threads, enabling us to explore new markets, infuse freshness into our brand, and maintain agility in our operations. Here’s to our St Kilda stint, where the memories and insights will endure.

See you St Kilda, you’ve been swell.